The main advantage of a video seeding campaign, apart from delivering the ordered amount of views to your video, is the real chance of achieving the desired viral effect. This effect, by generating additional, free-of-charge views, significantly compensates for the cost of the campaign, and the video itself is more likely to show up in YouTube trends.

75% of the ViralSeed campaigns so far have been listed as the most popular YouTube videos.

In addition, our promotion puts videos in search results (#videoSEO), giving you organic and completely free views, even after the campaign ends.

On average, 10% of the viewers, after watching the promoted movie, switch to other videos from that channel.

Thanks to our promotion, your video has a real chance to appear in YouTube Ads Leaderboard, which is a monthly ranking of the most viewed ads in a given country. So far, we have managed to dominate the trends plenty of  times, by promoting videos of our customers, such as Coca-Cola, Fanta, Porsche, Aquafresh, Pantene and many more.