If you already have a website/blog added to your Publisher dashboard and you want to make money by posting promotional videos, here's how to do it:

  1) Log in to your user panel
  2) Select the "Campaigns" tab

3) Make sure you want to embed the video on the appropriate page (info in the top right corner). If you want to change the page, click the "Change Page" button and select the desired one

4) From the list of videos, select the one, that you want to publish onto your site
5) At the end of the line with the selected campaign, find the "Get code" button and click on it

6) Choose the type of video player
7) Edit the player settings according to your preferences
8) Click "generate code"

9) Click the 'preview player' button to check the player's appearance. If you're happy with it, then copy the generated player code and add it to your site